domenica, febbraio 13, 2011

Sean's Evolution IX [Canceled]

The first car that I wanna try to make is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX from Tokyo Drift.
I don't know where I gonna convert it from but this will be the beta version, so It won't look that good.
I hope you will enjoy it anyways, I'll try to get an help from some of my friends.
Also in future I wanna try to make other cars from Juiced 2.
That's all, get ready for the car because It's still in progress.

(Sorry guys but the car is no longer avaiable, I cancelled the project or atleast I stopped it.)

giovedì, febbraio 10, 2011

Leds7's Design

I'm Antonio and I like to modding because I love to modify cars and convert cars from Juiced 2.
This is my modding's blog, I'm still a beginner on modding, so I'll do a step at a time.
I hope you like it, write on the chat whatever you want to advice me something about cars and more.